Nov - Dec 2018:  

Christmas Cornucopia

Our annual Christmas Cornucopia returns this year with extra magic and sparkle! Your one stop shop for cards, gifts, wrapping paper and anything else you might need for the festive  season . Free parking too - perfect! 

  Haddenham Galleries

9th December 2018:

Pop Up Box Full of Christmas Delights 10:00 - 4:00

Come and get into the spirit of Christmas and meet some of our lovely artists. They will be setting up camp in our workshop room for the day displaying their art. You will be able to buy their pieces and talk to them about how they create them. If you're wanting a lovely, unique gift, then this is the place to visit and today we will have fabulous company of Ann Biggs, Hilary Kemp, Sue Welfare, Kate Janssen and a new artist Nina Sage! What a treat for you all! 

As usual, our teashop will be open and will be serving delicious lunches, drinks and sweet treats, so why not make a day of it. 

Free parking ?
Free entry ?
Friendly and helpful staff ?

We look forward to seeing you!