About Haddenham Arts Centre

Our Mission

Haddenham Arts Centre will to add to the quality of life of the people of Cambridgeshire by changing hearts, minds and lives through the active engagement of artistic experience and creation.

Our Vision

Haddenham Arts Centre will be a cultural hub that uses the Arts to enrich people’s lives by providing access to high quality art and artistic skills. The founders believe in the transformative nature of art and creativity, which can give inspiration and improve the quality of life. The aim of Haddenham Arts Centre is to provide a diverse offer of hands-on artistic experiences, arts, theatre and music events, workspaces for artists and galleries for the sale of art so that parts of the business subsidise activities that draw in first-time creators of art and those who benefit from the therapeutic nature of art. Haddenham Arts Centre is committed to the principles of Fair Trade and the democratisation of art.

Haddenham Arts Centre C.I.C. is a newly-formed community interest company that has grown out of a Haddenham Galleries, which itself has been successfully acting as an arts-hub for around 20 years. Many of the inaugural activities of Haddenham Arts Centre will be based on the successful formula of Haddenham Galleries, however the opportunity to grow the arts opportunities for the future will lie in the hands of the first team of Directors and staff.

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